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Steven De Backer

Senior Program Manager, Digipolis Antwerp

I am Steven De Backer, a senior program manager at Digipolis Antwerp with 15 years of dedicated service to the Police of Antwerp.

My role involves analysing their needs, current practices, and aspirations, which I then translate into innovative IT projects for improving the way of working.

I specialize in revolutionizing control rooms, challenging conventional methods, and managing projects of all sizes, always striving to push the boundaries of innovation. My dedication extends to inspiring teams and fostering innovative thinking.

Some of my achievements are the creation of a pioneering command and control system, the implementation of cutting-edge audio-visual solutions in over 80 meeting rooms and auditoria, and the development of the world's largest VR environment exclusively designed for the Police of Antwerp. As a control room and AV expert, innovator, and solutions architect, my mission is to continually elevate IT to new levels of excellence.

Steven De Backer
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