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Empowering Workers in the Digital World


Control room operators manage a broad range of tasks and juggle between different information sources, systems and applications. Keeping the overview is not always easy. WEYTEC understands this and develops solutions to ensure that all devices are easy to use. Convenience and efficiency help operators concentrate on their tasks, not the technology.

WEYTEC users are the “heroes behind the screens” powering our digital economy. They operate the control rooms that manage critical infrastructure and the public services that keep our society running. Often

working in high-pressure environments, they are responsible for making the right decisions when the stakes are high. Executing the correct actions – and minimizing human error – is easier with state-of-the-art workplaces that are straightforward and fun to use. 

The world in their hands: smartTOUCH keyboards
WEYTEC creates the ultimate cockpit or “workplace dashboard” for control room operators. With WEYTEC solutions, they only need one single input device. The smartTOUCH keyboard is the core user interface, enabling instant access to systems, split-second and latency-free reactions, and easy switching between layouts, sources and applications. It sits in the center of the desk in the primary work zone. 

The smartTOUCH keyboard features 52 physical keys and unlimited softkeys available for customization. Keycaps and keypads are customized to meet specific user requirements, with practically unlimited options for design and functionality. Preset configurations streamline all kinds of workflows – mission-critical, standard and personal ones - so that operators are more efficient and accurate than ever before. 

Although the smartTOUCH is WEYTEC’s flagship keyboard, smartTOUCH Flex and smartUX solutions are also available. WEYTEC smartUX is an on-screen display (OSD) solution that moves control of the workplace setup to the user’s screen. This reduces the number of devices on the desktop and consolidates workflows onto a single visual surface.

Streamlined switching: toggling with ease
Switching easily between layouts, sources and screens is crucial to WEYTEC users. Control room operators master complex tasks by toggling instantly and easily between applications, without waiting for screens or services to load and calibrate. Users can toggle between sources as smoothly as if they were all hosted on a single PC.

Mouse switching vs. Attach/Detach 
With mouse switching, operators drag their mouse from one source, screen or window to another, activating the target source on arrival. The mouse stays exactly where the user leaves it. Alternatively, the Attach/Detach feature accesses and activates target sources with a single click or tap on the smartTOUCH. The mouse always appears in the center of the target source, screen or window, so users know exactly where to find it. Users working in multi-screen environments often prefer the immediacy and precision of the Attach/Detach method.

Integrating third-party solutions and customized settings
WEYTEC users can get creative when operating third-party systems with their smartTOUCH keyboards. Customizing the touchscreen enhances the user experience and streamlines workflows by making it faster and easier to interact with disparate applications. WEYTEC can integrate third-party systems using hardware-based IP I/O cards or software-based API interfaces. 

Alarm Management: External alarms can trigger a change of the keyboard layout and automatically take a user to the application where a response is required. If an emergency call comes in, operators can switch to a voice connection and a visual alert pops up on the smartTOUCH screen. In industrial environments, speakers sound the alarm when a specified threshold is reached.  

Smart building technology: By outputting video cameras and surveillance footage to a smartTOUCH, screen or videowall, users can identify visitors and open doors or parking barriers with the click of a button and without leaving their desks. They can also use presets on their smartTOUCH keyboards to adjust the lighting and temperature settings for their desk or team environment. The audio volume of radio or intercom systems can be adjusted individually.   

Collaboration tools: efficient teamwork
Successful collaboration is when colleagues work together to make the best decision. When the stakes are high and the pressure is on, the more input the better. The WEYTEC portfolio includes multiple tools to facilitate teamwork, from screen sharing and the Push-Pull feature to fully integrated videowall solutions with smartVISUAL. 

Easy to learn – easy to use
Getting familiar with a new WEYTEC workplace is like experimenting with a new smartphone. WEYTEC “trains the trainer” so that users only need about 10 minutes to get comfortable with their new keyboards and presets.

Find out more here about the ultimate User Experience from WEYTEC, or contact us directly to set up an appointment with a qualified WEYTEC customer consultant.  


Dirk Hendrickx, Chief Sales Officer, Weytec

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